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The New xBox Gen 5 is here! The latest kBox series takes your valuable input and incorporates it into our cutting-edge technology, presenting it in a fresh and visually captivating design! Whether it involves a broader platform, an elevated aesthetic, or state-of-the-art tracking hardware, the fifth-generation line sets a new standard for redefining the concept of strength training.  

Strength. Reimagined

New Design

The kBox 5 got a modern and stylish makeover. It became your ultimate choice for intense

workouts, seamlessly integrating into your surroundings.

Improved accessories

Explore our comprehensive range of sturdy accessories, meticulously crafted for the most demanding workouts, all while ensuring durability and user-friendly operation.

Larger Platforms

The kBox platforms expand in size to better cater to your training requirements. Select your perfect fit from a diverse array of platform choices.

Better Feedback

Enhanced training output now offers increased reliability and seamless performance. Witness your progress in real-time using the Exxentric App.

xBox5 bundles

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