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The Next Generation kBox Is Here!


"Where Innovation Meets Accessibility"

We present the Exxentric Gen 5 kBox line-up, featuring cutting-edge, visually appealing designs offered at highly accessible price points. This collection fits perfectly to our dedication to innovation, user-centric, and strength and rehabilitation training.

Whether it's an expanded platform for your most demanding workouts, a stylish new aesthetic to enhance any gym environment, or upgraded tracking capabilities for data-informed coaching, the new Exxentric kBox line-up has been meticulously crafted to enhance every aspect of your training journey.

You wished, Exxentric listened

Central to this launch is the unwavering aspiration to democratize strength training, regardless of one's personal goals. At Exxentric and Level Up we believe there's no better way to uphold this commitment to accessible strength than by crafting a generation of devices inspired by the invaluable feedback of our entire community – that's right, all of you. From professional sports teams meticulously tracking every data point, to budget-conscious home users seeking an effective solution, design enthusiasts with a creative eye, and everyone in between, the fifth-generation kBox line-up was meticulously designed to enhance something unique and meaningful for every individual.

More Value at Lower Costs

In a significant stride towards greater accessibility, Exxentric upsized the kBox Active and kBox Lite models, bringing them closer in performance to the Pro. These enhanced kBox Lite and Active versions are ideal for a wide range of users: sports teams seeking budget-friendly multi-device setups, physiotherapists in search of a versatile device, home users looking for an effective and affordable solution, or anyone seeking the best value for their training investment this side of a pull-up bar!

Improved Functionality

In direct response to feedback from our most dedicated users, the entire Gen 5 kBox lineup now offers the option of a wider platform, optimized to provide even greater stability during your most intense workouts.

Notably, we're known for not hindering your drive for tougher training. That's why we're introducing the new Platform Extension, which adds up to 10cm of functional space to your Lite or Active kBox platform, empowering you to train with enhanced freedom, intensity, and versatility.

Design and Personalization

Inspired by contemporary Scandinavian design, the Exxentric kBox undergoes a striking transformation with sleek lines and crisp edges, redefining its appearance while preserving its time-proven, top-tier performance. Whether it's the aesthetics or the functionality, the new kBox generation now proudly takes center stage in any gym setting!

Looking for a distinctive touch? The new kBox Pro now offers the option of custom foiling, allowing you to fully personalize your new Pro device (compatible with the previous Pro generation as well) with any design you desire. Whether you're creating a team identity, setting up a tailored training facility, or simply curating the trendiest home gym in the neighborhood, you can now ensure your next kBox truly reflects your unique style and vision!

Advanced Tracking and Enhanced Features

The introduction of the new kMeter marks a crucial moment in the Gen 5 kBox line-up, heralding an era of unrivaled performance monitoring and fine-tuning. In perfect synergy with the ever-evolving Exxentric App, the new kMeter tracking unit provides you with unprecedented access and control over your performance data, whether it's your own or that of your athletes. This means you can effortlessly log, track, compare, auto-regulate, and optimize training outcomes, ushering in a new era of results with the latest generation of kBox devices!

Furthermore, our revamped Snap Lock is a direct response to user feedback, resulting in a sturdier and more dependable component of our Pulley Block. Designed to withstand even the most demanding workouts, its enhanced reliability is achieved without compromising its user-friendly and swift attachment style.

Interested in the Exxentric kBox?

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