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We do not supply Exxentric products outside the Benelux.


The Advanced Flywheel Knob is intended for use with any kPulley, LegExx and most kBox4 machines, allowing your muscles to produce higher forces during your workout. In contrast to the rapid movements in explosive or ballistic training methods, the movement of your exercises will be slower and more controlled with higher inertia. This flywheel button can be especially useful for strong men, powerlifters and weightlifters and other similar types of athletes.

Advanced Flywheel Knob

SKU: 91115
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Size (diameter x height)

    5.25 x 4.25 cm


    250 g

    Additional Inertia Capacity

    0.100 – 0.140 kgm² (i.e. up to 2 compatible flywheels)


    kBox4 (since May 2018), , LegExx, kPulley2 and kPulley1

    SKU 91115
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