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We do not supply Exxentric products outside the Benelux.


The Exxentric Decline Board is prominently featured by physical therapists or anyone recovering from a knee, calf or heel injury. It can aid your recovery from patellar tendinitis, which is commonly known as Jumper's Knee.


The angular surface of the Decline Board allows users to perform decline squats, which puts more strain on the patellar tendon. In addition, the raised flat surface is perfect for facilitating calf training on the kBox4.

Exxentric Decline Board

SKU: 19011
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Length

    48 cm


    44.5 cm


    13.5 cm


    6.5 kg


    Decline squats, calf press


    kBox4 Pro, kBox4 Lite / Active

    SKU 19011
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