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We do not supply Exxentric products outside the Benelux.


The Exxentric Flywheel Bag is an essential accessory for kBox users who prioritize maintaining their training routine while on the go. This bag ensures that you can carry your flywheels conveniently and securely, enabling uninterrupted training during your travels. Additionally, it serves as an efficient storage solution, keeping your set of flywheels neatly organized for both kBox and kPulley systems. With the Exxentric Flywheel Bag, you can seamlessly integrate flywheel training into your lifestyle while ensuring your equipment remains protected and easily accessible.

Exxentric Flywheel Bag

SKU: 19001
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Weight

    360 g


    0.010 kgm², 0.025 kgm², 0.050 kgm² and 0.070 kgm² (without packaging sleeve)

    SKU 19001
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