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We do not supply Exxentric products outside the Benelux.


The Exxentric kGrips are a vital component for maximizing the versatility of any flywheel device, making them suitable for both upper and lower body training. These grips prioritize comfort and versatility, offering a lightweight design that enhances the overall exercise experience. They are available in multiple variations, allowing for a more natural range of motion during workouts and effectively reducing stress on the joints. With the Exxentric kGrips, you can unlock the full potential of your flywheel training while maintaining optimal comfort and minimizing strain on your joints.

Exxentric kGrips

PriceFrom €35.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Weight

    90 g each (Original), 122 g each (A90)


    Pulls, rows, rotations, deadlifts, curls


    kBox, kPulley

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