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We do not supply Exxentric products outside the Benelux.


The Exxentric kMeter is our wireless science-based feedback system for flywheel training.

The certified kMeter comes built-in with all LegExx, LegFlexx, kPulley2, kBox4 Pro and kBox4 Lite devices. It is also available for purchase as an add-on to the kBox4 Active.

The kMeter system is developed to accurately monitor power and energy as well as estimate force during strength training on select models in our series of Flywheel Training equipment. It can be used by coaches and physiotherapists as well as by athletes and patients.

kMeter II

SKU: 20002
€ 400,00Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Built-in

    kBox4 Pro, kBox4 Lite, kPulley2, LegExx, LegFlexx

    Sample rate

    10000 Hz (155 revolutions/second)

    SKU N/A
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