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Innovative training and rehabilitation


Keiser is a leading company that manufactures high-quality exercise equipment, including cardio and strength training machines. They use innovative air pressure technology and serve various industries, such as fitness centers, personal training studios and rehabilitation centers, with their reliable and performance-oriented products.


Exxentric is a company specializing in the development of advanced flywheel products for strength and conditioning training. The flywheel products utilize eccentric and concentric resistance generated by flywheels, allowing athletes to improve their explosive power, speed and muscle strength. These products offer a wide range of exercise options and are widely used in the performance training sector as well as in personal training and physical therapy.

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Wesseling BV is a specialized company that designs and manufactures high-quality treatment tables for the medical and paramedical sector. Their comfortable and durable tables, with customizable options, find application in physiotherapy practices, hospitals, sports clinics and wellness centers. Wesseling BV enjoys an excellent reputation as a reliable partner for professionals who strive for optimal patient care and comfort during treatments.


WhatsThatStrap is a product that helps improve training results and minimize injuries during (rotational) cable machine training. It is a strap that can be attached to various cable machines and provides support and stability during exercises. This allows athletes, personal trainers and physical therapists to optimize their workouts by promoting proper body position and alignment. The WhatsThatStrap can be used in various sectors, such as performance training, personal training & fitness and physical therapy & medical, to enhance the training experience and optimize results.

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Iron Neck is a brand that specializes in developing training aids for strengthening neck muscles and improving neck stability. Iron Neck's most well-known product is the Iron Neck Pro. This tool uses resistance technology to enable controlled resistance training for the neck muscles. Strengthening the neck muscles using the Iron Neck can help reduce neck pain, improve posture and promote overall neck and spine health.

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