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Get your benefit from the uVida metabolic device now. Give patients personalized advice around training, nutrition and lifestyle using activity based and nutrition tests. The device comes with a user-friendly app in which the results of the analysis are immediately visible.

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This analysis is performed when the patient is in motion. Through a 15-20 minute test on, for example, the Keiser M3i Indoorbike in combination with the uVida device, you can make a targeted individual recommendation to optimize the patient's fitness training.

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Food & nutrition

For this analysis, the patient can remain seated or lying down in a resting position. Through a 5-minute test with the uVida device, various values such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins are measured.

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uVida is a leading manufacturer of breath analyzers that provide healthcare facilities with a user-friendly way to perform metabolic analysis with their clients. Our state-of-the-art devices make it possible to take precise measurements of respiratory gases without medical expertise. This successful technology was previously only used in professional sports due to its high initial cost.

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