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We do not supply Exxentric products outside the Benelux.


This package is ideal for home gyms, personal trainers and group classes. This bundle provides all the essentials on flywheel training. Plus, with the free training programs available, you can get started right away.


As with any other kBox model, you train using the flywheel. This makes it possible to train in various ways compared to traditional iron training. It is possible to speed up or slow down your training. This ensures constant resistance in both the eccentric and concentric phases. This makes the kBox variants perfect for improving strength, performance but also rehabilitation.

kBox Active Starter Bundle

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This bundle includes:

    • kBox Platform van Exxentric
    • Angle Adjuster
    • 1x Flywheel L (more to add)
    • kGrips naar keuze (more to add)
    • Hip Belt
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